Australia's leading customised female range

Cricket Australia are injecting a lot of money into Womens cricket both at the Elite level and grassroots. With this at the forefront of our minds we saw it to be crucial to our female customers to create a cricket range that is suitable for women both experienced and young. We got our female TNF Ambassadors together and along with our production team we created the White Diamond Range. To have straps that fit our girls; gloves that are smaller in size; as well as bats that pick up suitable for female cricketer is the inspiration behind the creation of White Diamond. The White Diamond range is available at TNF HQ or online here as well through the TNF distribution partners across the country. 



Made from quality grade 2 English Willow the White Diamond range is one of a kind. Words of advice taken from our TNF Ambassadors have enabled us to get bats that suit the female cricketer in size, weights and pick up. You need to feel these to fully believe how good they really are. 



Made to specific demand and want of our very own Southern Stars opening batsman Elyse Villani these gloves are terrific in quality, fit and flexibility.

Slightly smaller in finger width and length to ensure a comfortable fit on the female hand these gloves are superb. 



The White Diamond thigh guard is made from the softest materials and has the best quality protective fibreglass shield to ensure you don't get hurt when hit. The inner thigh guard can move also to make sure you have optimal comfort.