TNF CRICKET & Richardson Caps

For all your on and off the field caps needs TNF CRICKET are powered by one of the best headwear specialists in the World- Richardson- FACT! 

“Richardson caps are enormous all over the World but in particular in the US where they originated from the early 1970’s” 

“When Tails Never Fails approached us to discuss the quality and durability of the Richardson Caps we hit it off extremely well immediately and have gone ahead leaps and bounds since those initial conversations.” said Australiasian Licensee Steve Shaw.

 “We had had complaints from customers about the fading of caps in the Aussie sun to which we knew was inevitable but as problem that we had to find a solution for.

Number 1- We wanted caps that fitted well

Number 2- We wanted caps that didn’t fade and kept their colour and sharpness

Number 3- We wanted to work with a supplier that wanted to work with us! 

- “Today we  (Richardson) produce a full line of headwear options for customers around the world. We (they) are a vertically integrated design and manufacturing company, with a large selection of high-quality styles and colors ready for immediate delivery. We (they) are also a leader in the custom cap market, creating personalized hats for youth & college baseball teams, retail brands, corporate business, breweries, and everything in between” - Richardson Website 

You can see many more examples of the Richardson caps digitally at


Above 👆The Richardson Range at TNF HQ 1517 Dandenong Rd Oakleigh Victoria 3166. Contact


Above 👆 Where it all happens Springfield, Oregan. 


 👆Above- The Tallarook PTS20 & Flat Bill SnapBack looking sharp 👌

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