Gentleman & Player Caps - our chosen traditional cap supplier

TNF CRICKET is extremely proud to be associated with English company Gentleman and Player. Over the past 12 months we have established an outstanding relationship with mD Chris Sketchley and his team and delivered many quality traditional caps to Aussie clubs all over.  

G & P Caps have very quick turn arounds on production. Can match your existing cap. Are very well priced starting from $40 per cap only and can even put player numbers or initials on individual caps for a very small price. Most importantly they are of excellent quality and durability. So good that the English Cricket Team use them as their supplier. 

This week marks a special celebration for the English company and the former English Skipppr Alistair Cook as he becomes the 1st English player to play 150 Tests for his country. 

As you can see below his cap made by G & P . If your club is in need of new onfield caps please be sure to hit us up ASAP Quote this article and receive 10% off your purchase. 


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