BAT repairs

If you have an 'old faithful' that you need repaired then TNF CRICKET's very own in house bat repairer Pete can help you out. Simply bring your bat into Tails Never Fails HQ at 1517 Dandenong Rd Oakleigh or post it to us and we will get it sorted. 


Re handle

Whether you need a standard or long, round, super short or oval handle we have all and can cater to what you want. 



Grafting /  full clean

Full clean of bat. Glue an surface cracks and ensure that the blade is left in good shape. Removal of labels. Left plain. 



Split toe / full bat repair

This service will ensure that your bat has been glued, clamped and receives a full clean and left plain with NO labels unless specified. 


Full clean

Sand, Buff and Roll to the full blade to enable the clean plain look (as seen left).


weight reduction & full Clean

If your bat is a little too heavy and needs some weight taken off it then we can help. Up to 3 ounces can be taken from the bat. Bat will then be fully cleaned and left plain



Customers, please remember that your cricket bat MUST be "serviced" between seasons! Very much like cars, they require servicing EVERY year. This will prevent your bat from drying out and becoming more likely to split and break.

Cost is only $120

Our Service Includes :

A) Remove the old antiscuff or fibreglass tape from the face of the bat.
B) Remove excess glue from old antiscuff or fibreglass face.
C) Repair and set any damage to the bat.
D) Sand and minimise any surface cracks.
E) Light sand to give a smooth finish to the bat.
F) Oil.
G) Then tape and antiscuff the bat.